Monday, April 30, 2012

Making progress

The word of the day: progress.

I feel I've been making progress with each and every passing day. It's been 18 days since surgery. I feel like I've gotten my energy back. In fact, I've done some fairly tough yard work, and felt fine afterward.

Swelling is minimal. Most people haven't noticed it, but I still do. This is what I look like now:

I've had several people compliment me on my "new look." Some said they didn't recognize me when they first saw me. Kind of weird.

I'm eating more and more soft foods, including stuff that doesn't have to be blended or mashed. I won't post all the pictures but they include pancakes, spaghetti and other pastas, soft bread, cheesecake and soft desserts, baked potato and chili fries. I'm still drinking various shakes and smoothies, just because they're good for you and nice to have in between meals. My weight has stabilized.

It's getting easier and easier managing my rubber bands -- taking them off and putting them on. Every time I take them off, I do jaw exercises, stretching my mouth by yawning and closing repeatedly. This is as big as I can open right now:

My mouth is still numb in certain parts: the roof of my mouth and my upper gums, specifically. It's a little weird eating and brushing when you can't really feel.

My nose has constantly trickled a bit of blood since the surgery. That stopped just a few days ago. Pain has also gone away.

I've been hanging out more and more with friends and family. I'm understandable now to everyone, even with bands in.

Nothing else too exciting going on. I've been trying to keep busy with various things while I'm out of work. This is my last week before I return. In the meantime, here's to more progress.

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