Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back to reality

Tomorrow, it's back to reality. Well, back to work, anyway.

I've spent three weeks away from work (I'm now on Day 24), slowly learning how to use my new bite. I'm still not 100 percent - more like 75 - but I'm ready to work. That's according to my Dr. Relle, who cleared me as "fit to work." But I personally feel ready to work, too.

Energy-wise, I'm fine. In fact, I spent the weekend traveling around and visiting family (which included a hiking trip), and I feel fine. I believe I can handle an 8-hour work day with a little deadline pressure mixed in. Here's a picture from today (May 6) of the wife and I in Santa Monica.

As for my mouth, that's where the 75 percent grade comes in. I'm numb in certain parts of my mouth (side of gums, roof of my mouth), and slightly swollen still. And my mouth gets a little sore after talking, eating, etc.

For one work week, I'll have to manage taking off my bands to eat, brush, stretch, and to do long interviews, and then put the bands back in. Obviously it's easier to talk with the bands out. When I talk, it will be evident that something isn't quite right with my speech.

I can eat plenty now as long as it's on the soft side, and bite size. Examples: eggs, soft chicken, pancakes, soft breads, pastas, potatoes, etc.

I have another appointment with Dr. Relle on Friday. I'll ask him when he think I'll be able to eat harder foods, and when these hooks for the bands will come out.

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