Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good weekend, bad weekend ...

It was a weekend of bliss ... and torture.

I spent a bulk of the weekend actually hanging our with friends, instead of being holed up at home. On Friday night, I watched a movie with some old pals. On Saturday, a bunch of friends came by the house for a pool party (without any actually swimming, though). Though it was difficult not being able chat and joke as usual, it was great being social and around some good people. Shout out to those thoughtful, kind folks who brought me some goodies: Kat, Marie, Karen, Mom and sis-in-law.

That was the bliss -- but then there was the torture.

Friday's get-together was a barbecue. On the menu: ribs, steak, chips and guacamole. On Saturday, friends ate chips and dip, ceviche with tostadas, cake, loads of booze, and yes, pizza. And I could eat none of it.

Then on Sunday, it hit the fan, literally. A week-plus on a liquid diet and Vicodin every day when you're not used to it is bound to catch up on your body. So what happened exactly? Let's just say I spent a good part of my day in the bathroom. I spent the other part hydrating, taking laxatives, drinking prune juice, and doing anything else that could cure me. The experience was one of most uncomfortable feelings I've ever experienced.

By the time that torture passed, I figured I might as well go one extra mile. I grabbed some tweezers, faced the mirror and took out each of my four rubber bands that are shutting my mouth. It wasn't too tough, actually, and I'm sure it'll get easier and easier. Carla rewarded me with mashed potatoes and mac-and-cheese (after whipping both into a sort of puree; see picture below).

I could open and close my mouth slightly, but could not bite down. I had to use my tongue to maneuver food around my mouth and then down my throat. With food dripping down my lips and on the table, I felt like a toddler. And though the food was mushed up, the taste was dead on. It was delicious.

After eating, I brushed my mouth and tongue thoroughly, and it felt great.

As a whole, my mouth is bothering me less and less. Even pain has subsided, and I drank no pain reliever all Sunday.

This coming week: an ortho appointment, more practicing taking off and putting on rubber bands, another post-op appointment (this time with Dr. Relle), and perhaps some new foods.

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