Saturday, April 14, 2012

I made it

Relax, relax I made it.

I'm not looking good, but I've made it. Don't know how really. I don't remember much of what happened. I was on the operating table one minute, and me and the docs were chatting it up about booze. Next thing you know I was out, then awake - mouth shut. Some kind of cruel trick. The following hours were just wooziness. What I do know now is this:

- Everything went smooth on the table. It all took about 6 hours. Dr. Relle did not have to place a splint in my mouth. So now my teeth are just banded shut. This apparently makes the healing process go by quicker.

- I swallowed and subsequently threw up a ton of blood. Looked like a murder scene on my hospital bed. Scary but a non-event.

- I spent two nights in the hospital room, which was a good call. No real reason to do this except it was at the request of Dr. Relle. Plus there was no rush to drive through the storm, and instead I stayed under the watchful eye of staff and docs. It was worth it.

- I'm home now, sipping on water, juice and protein shakes -- anything I can squeeze. I'm using ketchup/mustard bottles. Broth is good.

- Not really feeling that great. I'm told the swelling should start to go down in the coming days. Pain in pretty bad. A lot of numbness in my face. Not really comfortable in any position. I'm sure it'll come.

- It looks like for the next few days I'll be filling my tummy with various liquids, taking pain reliever, sleeping, going potty, and not much else. Kinda bummy, but what can you do.


  1. Wow bro, as they say at camp KEEP "how interesting!" Get well mang & we wish you the best!
    Keep us posted

  2. You're such a trooper. It will all be worth it. Just a few tough days, you can do it!

  3. Ahhh hang in there Jorge, just think how amazing the results will be? I hope you get to feeling comfortable, and soon. BTW this sounds like a great diet regimen for! Take care and keep us posted. Xo.