Monday, April 16, 2012

A routine

I've gotten into a routine of sorts the last few days and it goes like this: wake up, drink lots of liquids, start watching the Dodgers, take pain reliever, watch Matt Kemp hit a homerun, take a nap, wake up, drink more liquids, watch Kemp hit another homerun, etc.

It has gotten a bit easier the last few days overall and not just because the Dodgers are kicking arse. Swelling has gone down a bit. I feel energy coming back slowly but surely. I'm able to get up and actually do stuff, like get the paper. But it's weird to feel winded after taking shower, for example.

I'm spending most of my days lying on the couch, watching TV, drinking lots of liquids, icing my face and just sleeping. Nothing too exciting. I'm counting down to 11 a.m. Friday. That's when the bands get snipped and I can start eating soft foods, like mashed potatoes.

And by the way: I likely wouldn't have made it out of the hospital if it weren't for the wifey. She's been helping me through every step. So, thanks. I love you.

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