Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Three things ...

Nearly a week down and really there's only three things that I'm struggling with now. I'd say that's OK considering everything I could complain about:

1) Sleeping: I have yet to get a good night's sleep. It seems that as soon as I lay in bed, the pain increases and I just can't get comfortable. I've woken up an average of about five times to get ice, take meds, or just adjust.

2) Drooling: I can't feel half of my lips and the result is more slobbering than my shih tzu. I look like a fool having to wipe my mouth every five minutes.

3) I never noticed how many dang food commercials were on TV. Restaurants, grocery stores, even this gourmet pet food looks delicious. And I can't eat any of it. This Ensure really can't compare with this Doritos Taco. I'm getting ready, though. I'm making a list of food I will eat as soon as I am able.

Other than those three things, everything else is getting more and more manageable. I can walk around and do chores. Liquids aren't too bad. I've got a bunch of things to keep busy. So far, so good.

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