Thursday, April 19, 2012

A week ago today

A whole week. Man, that flew by. A lots changed, sure, but still a lot hasn't. My teeth are still banded shut. My face is still swollen. No surprise there. I feel a million times better, though, than just a few days ago.

I managed to run some errands today, which involved having to communicate with people. I didn't get any weird reactions, but a few asked about my mouth. It hurts a bit to get slurred words out. But I think I was understood just fine. Energywise I felt OK, but a bit sluggish after being out just a few hours.

My buddy tagged along with me to Costco. I asked him if I looked weird. To him, he said, I just looked swollen, but to strangers, "They probably just think you're chubby."

These two pictures below were shot a week apart.

In this one, I'm in my hospital bed after the surgery. Face is humongous:

This one was taken today, a week after the surgery. Face a little less humongous:

I'll post before/after shots, including from the sides, after this ordeal. Tomorrow: post-op.

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