Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 38: Chewing right along

It's day 38 (just a bit over five weeks), and things are going great. But I don't have too much new stuff to report. So I thought I'd post these photos below.

I've received insurance claim statements from my stay at the hospital that includes the services I received while there. Here's how much it all "cost," apparently (fortunately I'm double insured, so I don't pay this):

And in other news: I'm eating more and more items, including some of my favorite foods: hamburgers, pizza, nachos. I'm essentially able to eat anything that's not too hard, tough or chewy and as long as I cut it into bite-sized pieces. So, no steak still for a while. Some of my teeth, especially my front teeth are still too sensitive to put much power into a bite. It's mandatory I brush my teeth after every meal because pieces of food get stuck in the rubber band hooks and braces in my mouth. 

Rubber band business overall is going good, too. They're just annoying, but at least I can talk while I have them in. I have an appointment with orthodontist Dr. Montano in two days to get a new wire for my braces. 

And that's about it. Thankfully, it's all good news.


  1. Could you please share what insurance plan you had? I currently have bluecross anthem which refuses to cover for jaw surgery... I would sincerely appreciate it if you coud share any kind of information about the insurance! Thank you.

  2. Hello. At the time, I was fortunate enough to be double insured, and therefore did not have to come out of pocket. I had Anthem Blue Cross PPO and also a HealthNet PPO.