Sunday, July 8, 2012

Three months later

It has been just more than three months since surgery (Day 87 today). It has also been a while since I last updated, but frankly there hasn't been much to update.Here's what's new:

I am now able to open my mouth big enough to bite into a burger. And I can actually bite into a burger (and other foods) cleanly -- which is the reason I got the surgery in the first place: to fix my bite.

Fitting three fingers in between my teeth by three months was the goal, and I've gotten there. I'm able to eat pretty much everything now -- even tougher meat, though it takes some time to chew. 

Dr. Relle removed the rubber band hooks more than a month ago, which has made it easier to eat, smile and brush. Removing the hooks required literally unscrewing them from my gums. The procedure required some local anesthetic, and hurt slightly. See the screw below:

I can blow my nose, whistle and smile normally again. Really the only thing still affecting me is the numbness on my top gums. No feeling. 

I had an appointment with Dr. Relle and Montano more than a week ago and they said things were working out as planned. Over the past few weeks I've gotten only positive comments on my new look.

Overall, things are great. I can hardly remember how tough the surgery or the recovery process was, which tells me that the whole ordeal really wasn't much of an ordeal. Don't get me wrong: I never want to go through something like that again. But I'm feeling now like all of that was well worth it.

In other news, the insurance claims keep coming in. I got one recently for Dr. Relle's offices' part: $52,475.

And that's about it. I'll update next time there is something to update. Until then, I'll leave you with a recent shot of me and the wifey:

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