Sunday, May 13, 2012

One finger to go

Three fingers in three months ... that's the goal.

First, get your mind out of the gutter trying to figure out what that means. Second, it means that by the third month post-surgery, the goal is to be able to open my mouth the size of the width of three fingers (go ahead, see how many fingers you can fit. I'll wait). So far, one month after my surgery (Day 31 today), I have two fingers down.

I visited with Dr. Relle on Friday, who seemed sincerely satisfied with the healing and recovery process (he said he was "psyched" to be exact). He was kind enough to share some before-surgery and after-surgery shots of my mug.

Whatcha think?

This isn't it for changes, obviously. There are still more to come. I still have a bit of swelling and numbness throughout my mouth, and I'll still have braces on for several more months. But so far, I'm more than happy with the changes.

I'm eating more and more food. I keep on getting nice compliments from folks. And I'm back at work now, doing just fine talking with folks for articles I'm writing. It was a hassle juggling taking out my bands and putting them on between assignments, eating, etc. I won't have to do that for long though. I can now go the day without the front bands.

Dr. Relle gave me some updates to look forward to moving forward. The two hooks in my gums for my front bands will come out June 1 (2.5 weeks from now). And after that, I'll be OK to start chewing on more stuff, but no steak -- nothing too rough, Dr. Relle said.

Until then, I'll be stretching out my mouth trying to fit one more finger in there.

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