Friday, September 21, 2012

Countdown ...

Thursday marked 24 weeks (Day 168) since my double jaw surgery. The important day, however, is Day 179 -- Oct. 1. That's when I'm scheduled to be measured for a retainer and then have my braces taken off. The countdown starts.

The past few months have been more of the same. I'm still able to eat what I want now with the only restrictions being due to my braces.

I have no real jaw discomfort anymore, though my upper jaw is still numb in parts. I haven't had much feeling on the roof of my mouth near my teeth since the surgery. I'm starting to think I may never get the feeling back, which is a possibility. It doesn't bother me too much -- just feels kind of awkward.

I've made several visits to the orthodontist in the last few months (since I last updated this blog), and those visit have also been more of the same. They've installed new wires and "power chains" to align my teeth.

In fact, I had an orthodontist visit on Tuesday -- the last visit before braces are removed. Dr. Montano said everything looks right on schedule, and he's happy with the smile.

I'm still running into people who haven't seen me since the surgery, and they've all dished out compliments on my new look. Mostly though, I'm old news.

I have just about two weeks before my braces come off. I continue to feel somewhat like a robot, with no feeling in parts of my jaw, and a mouth full of metal. I'm anxious to see how my jaw feels once braces are all removed.

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